Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photos by Ashley Crooke

 Baby bearded dragons cuddling with one another.
Forget me knot.


Halloween Horror Nights: Extra ghoulish goodness by Ashley Crooke

 A zombie offering a bite of intestines to park guests.
 This 80's era vampire likes rock n' roll and blood.
Escorted by ghoulish figures, a girl lays in a glass coffin with live rats.
This militant shows no mercy for guests walking through his turf.

The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and directed by Bobbie Bell.
Seminole State students, high school students, parents, faculty and staff gathered to watch the play and support the cast and crew at the Sanford/Lake Mary campus auditorium at Seminole State College of Florida between Oct. 5 to Oct. 14, 2012. Admission was free for currently enrolled students and employees of Seminole State.
“We’re here to see our drama teacher,” Riley McCall, a student at Pine Ridge High School, said about her drama teacher Sally Daykin who played the role of Amanda.
Even though the play takes place during the 1930’s, the plays theme could still be reflected to present everyday life. During a dramatic scene, the audience sat in silence and all the attention was on the stage. It featured scenes with the mother arguing with her children, the children rebelling against their mother, forgiving one another and looking past each other’s mistakes.
There were scenes that featured humor, irony and sarcasm, like the son for making fun of her mother for talking too much. Laughter could be heard throughout the auditorium during a funny a line a character said, creating a light atmosphere.
Located in the G building, the auditoriums stage was furnished to look like an actual apartment, with a couch and a dining table, which helped the audience feel like they were at the home as well watching everything happen.
Composed of teachers and students, the cast and crew performed on stage in front of its audience. The cast captured the character’s unique individual personalities, which helped the audience develop a sense of likeability towards the characters. The actors transitioned all the emotions the characters were going through very well, from being in a funny scene to arguing with one another.
The Glass Menagerie is a play full of drama and humor that balance each other. It is a play that is appropriate for all ages. It teaches the audience life lessons and values that the characters keep dear to their hearts. If people found this play interesting there are more as equally interesting that the drama department will be producing in the upcoming season.