Friday, December 13, 2013

Reflection #4

Well the class has finished and I can say that I definitely learned a lot from this course overall. Each style of writing and topic is different to write for everyone. I was not able to get emotion out in features but I was really able to get it out on events. But this class really helped me open myself and not be afraid to talk to people and get the story out. It is very important to get the correct story and voice it to others as if they were there. I am very thankful for this class because it also expanded my knowledge on not only writing but also technology. I would not have made a website for myself had I not taken this class, so for those who read this, It was a great time in this class and I will miss it!

Reflection of what I learned the first week

The first week of class was very difficult. It was like I was pushed into this world I knew nothing about. You see people being interviewed and you read magazines and newspapers but you never know the hard work that goes into it. Learning Indesign was the hardest that week because I had no idea what each affect or what/how to design anything on the computer. With doing mock interviews, that felt like second nature to me and very natural, also with writing. But, the hardest thing to grasp was Indesign, so if any of you are looking to take and computer design or make newspapers, or anything like that take the time to learn that program beforehand.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I learned #4 - Sean Doty

So the semester is finally over and we have finished with our final issue for the year. Usually I am glad when the semester is over, but this time around I have mixed emotions with this.

I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with this final issue. Although I wish I was able to do more with the artwork and it was difficult to make my story legitimate in the beginning (thank you, Orlando Magic), I was able to make this just as good as my previous story in the third issue. I learned that we are able to use quotes from professional sources through other media outlets, as long as we accredit the original source in our article. I also learned how important it is to pour strong quotes into your article.  Anyone can put a simple quote in and call it a day. But if you are able to get great quotes, especially from credible sources, they can really make your article stand out and shine!

Needless to say this will be the final time that I will be blogging on here and my tenure writing for the Seminole Scribe is now officially over (at least as a current student). I originally went into this class thinking that I would use it to brush up my writing skills and to get an idea of what it would be like to write for a newspaper. However the experience I gained was much more than I had anticipated. From all the guest speakers, lectures and different subject areas we were able to cover during this Fall semester, I can honestly say this class was the most fun filled class I have experienced in my three years at Seminole State College. I would love to participate in it again next semester, but sadly I will be unable to.

I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity that Professor Sheppard has provided for all of us to expand as writers and as reporters. There are not many passionate teachers at Seminole State who care for their students to succeed in the field, but she definitely proved this semester that she is one of the exceptions to that. This class has meant so much to me from a writing and social standpoint. I have met many interesting individuals, worked with many great colleagues and even made some awesome friends. While I spend the next two to four years up in Gainesville progressing further into my journalistic career, I will never forget where my roots originated from and I will always be grateful for what this class was able to offer me.

I hope everyone has a spectacular holidays! I love you all and Go Gators!

- Sean Doty, aka "The Sports Guy"

What I Learned - Carissa May

I learned from this last issue that having a great story and lots of good interview material can actually make writing an article harder rather than easier. First of all, there were so many different story ideas from my interviews, but I didn't have enough time to write them all. Second of all, with the stories I did write it was hard sifting through so much info from my interviews. And when it came to choosing pictures from Haiti, that was almost impossible. There was just too many to choose from and it was hard to decide which ones best fit the story because almost all of them did. Anyways, having more than enough stuff for an article can actually make things harder rather than easier - that's what I learned. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I learned - Joseph Meadows

I've learned a few things over the course of this last issue but one that sticks out is that I have to work a lot harder at this writing/reporting thing if I'm to be any good at it. And I mean real hard work and practice. There is a reason why the phrases "practice makes perfect" and "experience teaches wisdom" make complete and total sense to me. Like anything in life that's worth doing, you have to put in your time. You're not going to just be better by osmosis, you've got to work at it. And that's difficult but who ever said it would be easy?


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Get a job: Seminole State College host annual Career Fair

The Career Development Center hosted its annual fall Career Fair at the Seminole State College Sanford/Lake Mary campus in November. 

“For at least 20 years the Career Fair has been informing students about career options and providing potential networking opportunities,” Brooklyn Stablile, Career Center Specialist, said.

Mrs. Stabile said an estimated 1,200 students passed through the building-L breezeway at this year’s Career Fair.

A free slice of pizza wasn’t the biggest prize given away at the event. There were more sought after giveaways for students who participated in the Career Development Center drawings.  Showing a resume or dressing professionally offered a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy III tablet or Beats by Dre headphones. 

Between the two giveaways, 260 students registered to win new technology devices.

“It was a big event this year, with 76 tables,” Mrs. Stabile said. Fifty-three of the tables were businesses looking to hire Seminole State students, she added.  

In fact, some employers accepted resumes and setup interviews on the spot, Mrs. Stabile said.  

The businesses which participated in the Career Fair are regulars on campus also recruiting students through the Career Link website. 

In addition to free pizza and the chance to win electronics, free pictures were offered to those dressed appropriately. 

“It was a new initiative,” Mrs. Stabile said about the partnership with the Film Club. The purpose was to give students an opportunity for a free professional photo to be used on a LinkedIn profile. 

The Career Development Center advises students to create a LinkedIn account and use a professional photo instead of a “Facebook selfie,” Mrs. Stabile said. 

Nearly 100 students received a free head shot image. 

There are three Career Fairs planned for each year with S/LM being the largest. The Heathrow and Altamonte Springs campuses also host major-specific fairs, Mrs. Stabile said. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I learned

The 4th and final edition of The Seminole Scribe was published this past week! It helped me learn what exactly I need to work on in the future to continue my journalism degree, and what things I would consider my strengths. I believe working in this field is definitely what I want to d, and having "hands-on" experience with The Seminole Scribe has definitely given me more motivation. I think as a writer my strengths are strong but will improve with practicing AP style. Also, I was surprised with my curiosity for design. I would love to further my abilities with design and possibly learn to advance my skills. Nonetheless, there are things I could definitely improve on. I have a difficult time with language barriers. This made me aware that I need to practice my skills of understand people who have accents so I can properly quote them.
Thus, this semester has been great and I appreciate all that I have learned. I have made many connections I hope to continue to obtain in the future, and I am truly excited for another semester as a staff member.

--Christina Fleming