Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I learned

The 4th and final edition of The Seminole Scribe was published this past week! It helped me learn what exactly I need to work on in the future to continue my journalism degree, and what things I would consider my strengths. I believe working in this field is definitely what I want to d, and having "hands-on" experience with The Seminole Scribe has definitely given me more motivation. I think as a writer my strengths are strong but will improve with practicing AP style. Also, I was surprised with my curiosity for design. I would love to further my abilities with design and possibly learn to advance my skills. Nonetheless, there are things I could definitely improve on. I have a difficult time with language barriers. This made me aware that I need to practice my skills of understand people who have accents so I can properly quote them.
Thus, this semester has been great and I appreciate all that I have learned. I have made many connections I hope to continue to obtain in the future, and I am truly excited for another semester as a staff member.

--Christina Fleming

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