Monday, April 1, 2013

The one before last.

Finding something to write about for article #5 was harder than for article #4. I had nothing, nothing was calling my attention and there's was nothing in the news that spoke to me. Finally after days and days of thinking, it all came to me. I wanted something easy-breezy but that I am passionate about. So, what better than to finally write an article about one of my passions...movies. I wasn't sure what kind of angle I was going to take with this until my mom asked me if there are any good movies coming to theaters this summer. Cha-Ching! People are always looking forward to what movies are coming soon to theaters,mostly college students. Needless to say, I had fun writing this article, I research what's coming, compared what this summer might be like to the past two, watch a bunch of trailers to see what movies were worthy of being mentioned on the article, got quotes from a couple people and voila!

At the end of the research,after seeing all the awesome films that are coming to theaters this summer, and even though I knew it already, I'm looking forward to seeing "World War Z", I love zombies, don't you? 

Till next time,
Sorangel Santiago

Better late than never!

I've always been a fan of history. The history channel has been my companion in many relaxing-at-home-with-junk food-kind of days. Moreover, I love the story of the Titanic. It's tragic yes, but its also romantic. For article #4, I had no idea what to write about at first, until I heard about the construction of Titanic II. heard correctly, they're bullding the Titanic II. At first, as a shock, I though that's fantastic; but then I thought about it. This is not cool. We are dealing with one of the most tragic events in history. The lost of hundreds of lives. The original Titanic, now more of a ruined grave than ever, lies at the bottom of the ocean with the souls of those lost still walking its halls. Why would someone want to recreate this? I believe its wrong, I believe once something as amazing as the Titanic, ends in tragedy, we should keep its memory alive, but not by building it up again like a game of jenga. I had made my choice and had given my opinion, now I wanted to know what my fellow classmates thought about it. So I went out around my campus and made a little 'word on the street' kind of article. It surprised me that most of the students are okay with the construction of the Titanic II, some would even ride it if they could. I wasn't happy about it, but this is what journalism is about, asking for people's opinions and be gracious about it, even when it doesn't match yours.

Sorangel Santiago