Monday, April 1, 2013

The one before last.

Finding something to write about for article #5 was harder than for article #4. I had nothing, nothing was calling my attention and there's was nothing in the news that spoke to me. Finally after days and days of thinking, it all came to me. I wanted something easy-breezy but that I am passionate about. So, what better than to finally write an article about one of my passions...movies. I wasn't sure what kind of angle I was going to take with this until my mom asked me if there are any good movies coming to theaters this summer. Cha-Ching! People are always looking forward to what movies are coming soon to theaters,mostly college students. Needless to say, I had fun writing this article, I research what's coming, compared what this summer might be like to the past two, watch a bunch of trailers to see what movies were worthy of being mentioned on the article, got quotes from a couple people and voila!

At the end of the research,after seeing all the awesome films that are coming to theaters this summer, and even though I knew it already, I'm looking forward to seeing "World War Z", I love zombies, don't you? 

Till next time,
Sorangel Santiago

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