Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge- Day 9: Small


Photo A Day Challenge- Day 8: Something you do everyday

xdanixwiebex: I smoke everyday. (i need to quit)

Photo A Day Challenge- Day 7: Reflection

xdanixwiebex- Reflection of the bathroom wall at Austin's Coffee

xdanixwiebex- Reflection in the lake behind Austin's Coffee

Midnight Analogy

Nothing is more inspiring than coming across an analogy made for potential journs:

It’s 4 in the morning, you come home still slightly inebriated, and despite having 100 TV channels and TiVO, you find yourself unwinding to an Animal Planet documentary about the mating habits of nurse sharks.
Suddenly, out of the backside of a pregnant nurse shark spews 20 tiny little sharks. The narrator intones, “Many will not survive until adulthood.”
Guess what? You’re one of those little sharks. Your j-school is the pregnant mom, and every May and December, she’s forcing you out of her ass and into dangerous waters. Even worse, every other j-school in the country is doing the same thing at the same time.

-Sabira Mawji was here

To all Journs..... What NOT to put in your resume

To all Journs..... What NOT to put in your resume

Came across this website today while I was trying to start my resume. I googled "resume for journalism" and funny enough this link popped up. 

After looking at my resume, I just wanted to throw it in the dust bin! I did possibly everything the site told us NOT to do.... well oops :O

Here are a few tips that I wanted to share because I never would've known if it wasn't for Ms. Sheppard's Lecture and this site.

1. Objectives are subjective

These reveal nothing about your hopes, your fears, your dreams. And if you’re applying for a media job, you’ve just announced that you can’t write worth a shit.
Bottom line: A good objective won’t land you a job, but a bad one can cost you a job. So don’t bother.

2. Little errors add up.
Get sketchy about your skills. Don’t list programs you barely know under “skills.” Instead, place them in two categories: “expert” and “knowledgeable.” What’s the difference? Knowledgeable means you can open a file and edit what’s there. Expert means you can open a blank document and create what the boss needs from scratch.
Brag about high school. No one cares if you were editor of your high-school paper or yearbook. They don’t care if you won awards for it, either. Think of it this way: When you were a high-school senior, did you give a crap when freshmen boasted about what they accomplished in middle school?
Go long. Your resume should be one page for two reasons: You haven’t lived long enough to be that interesting (hell, my resume is two pages, and I’m 45 years old), and journalists are supposed to be succinct. If you can’t edit your own life, how can I trust you to edit your own stories?

3. Your education doesn’t come first.

In journalism, experience trumps education. Ask any hiring editor (and I have) which is more important: kick-ass clips or a 4.0 GPA.

Remember to just ask advice from previous Journ alumnis. And if they get annoyed at you asking too many questions, then those are some hypocritical journs!

- Sabira Mawji was here

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dog Blog

"If your dog thinks you're the greatest person in the world, don't seek a second opinion."
-Jim Fiebig
Here is a compilation of some of our staff's best friends.
 We hope you love them as much as we do!

 Name:Chloe Crooke
Breed:Shi Tzu

Name:Zoey Wiebe
Name:Sam Tennant

Name:Finnegan Leila Smith-Wiebe
Breed:Hound mix
In loving memory 8/12.
Name:Pepper Lewis
Breed:Toy Poodle
Name:Tuffi Rose Martin
Breed:Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix(possibly part lab)

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. by Ashley Crooke

Coffee: On the rocks.

The holy grail.

Break time is the best time.

Prep area.

Incognito shot.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge- Day 6: A favorite thing

xdanixwiebex- One of my favorite things is my chest piece. 
Another picture of a few of my favorite things: My Nikon D3000, the anchor ring my sister got me, and my boxer pup, Zoey.

My Aunt Dee recently passed away, and this is a picture my cousin took for the challenge, and I actually find this quite beautiful. Its an urn with my aunt/her mother's ashes. 

Photo A Day Challenge- Day 5: 5 o'clock

xdanixwiebex: At 5, I was laying in bed waiting for my nails to dry

Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge- Day 4: TV


[trash] Tv

Sex and the City

Photo A Day Challenge- Day 3: Breakfast

breakfast compliments of my dad (dlw13)


Photo A Day Challenge- Day 2: Colour




Caption: "Colour. As in my bathroom. This is how it was upon moving in and I haven't bothered to change it yet..I don't really know what color this is though. I don't like it but I trained myself to ignore it."