Sunday, November 3, 2013

Greetings from Haiti!: Day 7 - Carissa May

Today was the last full day in Haiti. We leave tomorrow morning. Today was also the last day to visit the orphanage...sadly.

This morning we had church with the people at the orphanage. I couldn't really understand much of what they were saying or singing because it was all in Creole, but it was interesting to watch and beautiful to hear. The only part I fully understood was the sermon my pastor gave. He gave it in English and we had a translator speak for him to the congregation.

After we had lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kids. For a while, one little boy would not let me quit holding him and he eventually fell asleep in my arms. The youngest boys had fun fighting over my pastor's cowboy hat, especially one little boy who liked to wear it over his face. Later on, all the little girls of the orphanage had me and the two other girls on our team, Kelly and Becca, sit on the floor while they braided our hair. They gave up on braiding mine because they were too busy looking through the pictures on my camera. I took tons of pictures of course.

Now we're back at the guest house and some of us are packing for our flight home tomorrow. I'm reluctant to start packing. I'm really not ready to leave Haiti.

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