Monday, December 3, 2012

You Created a Journo-Monster!

Through high school and the beginning of my college career, I was positive that my writing skills were above average. I would become easily frustrated in group projects working with people that had yet to grasp basic grammar skills, and was constantly praised by instructors for my compositions. But through this semester in Journalism I, I have learned that there is constant room for improvement. I have gained some skills in interviewing and in writing in a non-narrative format, and after writing draft after draft for each article, I have seen where my writing can be improved.

One of the main lessons I learned through this course was the importance of social media in the journalism world. Through this class alone I have opened a Twitter account and have started following some big names in media, a Tumblr account for personal interviews and reviews of tattoo art and body modifications, and a new email to represent myself professionally to future employers. Social media are today's newspapers, and I am already honing the skills to become a writer for social media sites.

This course was not only a test of my abilities but of my interest in pursuing a career in journalism. Essentially, I have decided to continue on the journo. path and eventually write for a tattoo and body art magazine. Hopefully moving on to a feature writing course next semester, I am excited to learn more about journalism and write more and more on my blog.

Through my body of work this semester, in combination with my attendance, class participation, and my final portfolio, I believe I deserve a grade B. For my effort in preparing a minimum of 3 drafts for each article, my attempts to create a professional social media curuit surrounding my writing, and my class participation in designing and assisting, I see a B as a fair and fitting grade.

- Kimberley Lewis

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