Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Deadline Experience

As I strapped myself in, little did I know how smooth sailing it would be for me. Due to my love of writing, this assigment came second nature to me. I think the only bad side to it was how time consuming it was for me considering I have about 1,234,321 things on my plate. But worrying about this deadline actually helped me supress my worries for everything else. The people I intervied basically wrote my article for me. I managed to ask questions straight to the point and recieved all the right answers.. Smooth sailing.
But because of my ability to write.. A LOT.. there was SO much editing that had to be done to my paper. I think that will be a struggle for me in this class. OVERwriting. I have never experienced writing a school paper before or have done interviews and quoted people. This experience opened a new door for me in the writing area and gave me the experience I needed to know where I truely wanted to be in this specific field. It was a good challenge; something I haven't experienced in a long time.
- Elisha

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