Monday, February 11, 2013

First Strike

When I first started this class, I wasn't sure what to expect. I like writing and believe myself to be a decent handler of words, but my past experience with real reporting adds up to a solid "0".

Needless to say I was nervous when I decided to cover Seminole State's "Heritage Jubilee". I selected to cover the event due to the challenge it would provide to cover, as African American cultural reverence and smooth jazz are not things that I was at all intimate with.

On the night of the event I took about five pages of notes. I used all of them the next day when I wrote my first draft. If I recall correctly, it used over 1000+ words to say what was eventually more eloquently covered in half that amount. Still, I credit myself for having a draft that was remarkably clean of errors for a first try.

In conclusion I enjoyed covering the event. I was taken out of my comfort zone in both spectating the event and later interviewing its coordinator but ended up with a strong story and a bit more confidence in my reporting. Until next time, that is.

- Bryan Hohns
Copy Editor/The Guy in the Back of the Room

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