Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Everyone watches Super Bowl commercials...

Going to school in hopes to get a degree in advertising, I loved my topic for my second story, the Super Bowl commercials.

I, of course, had my personal favorite/worst ads from this years Super Bowl and it was tricky to not include my own opinions in the story. I ended up writing about the following commercials/ads:
     -Go Daddy
     -Oreo ad on Twitter

Pretty much everyone watches the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl commercials, so getting quotes from students would be a piece of cake...or so I thought!

Unfortunately, interviewing students around campus was no easy task for story #2. Some of the responses I received were:
     "Uhh...they were weird?"
     "Commercials are meant to be fast-forwarded, not watched."
     "I'm not sure."
     "I didn't watch this year."
With all of those lovely, helpful quotes, I knew my story would be a tad difficult this time around. Luckily, I found a few students that had great input.

To make my story complete, I surveyed students, professors and local citizens for their best/worst ads for Super Bowl XLVII. This part of the story process was neat. I felt like I was taking votes for something big and monumental, like the presidential elections.

Calculating the totals, I realized that I had ended up with 89 votes. One more vote and I wouldn't have had an odd number. Ughh!

Overall, I liked how my story came together in the end!

Off to write Story #3,
Brooklynn Holman

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