Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Stepping Stones

Interviews? Check. Drafts? Check. Designs? Check. All ready for print… if only it was that easy. It is only the second issue of the newspaper this semester and the challenges are already slamming me in my face.

Besides writing, I found a new hobby that I will incorporate into my studies here at Seminole State. It is designing spreads in Adobe InDesign. I first learned how to use this software in last semester’s newspaper class but this semester, I feel unstoppable. I decided to step out of the editing chair and be the designer for the student magazine, “Save Your$.” 

The magazine class is practically my favorite class this semester. It allows me to break out of the strict AP style used in newspaper and incorporate editorializing into my articles. The best part is that each of us holds different titles in what needs to be done. Not being an expert in design, I choose to sign up for this position because I love a new challenge.

Last Saturday, three other classmates and I went thrift store hunting in downtown Orlando to do a spread for the magazine. Finding tons of designer items like Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson and Elle, the excitement of planning the article and visualizing the design in my head made me all hyped up.

The next thing to do on my list is to purchase a DSLR camera, preferably Nikon. After hours of research, reading blog posts from professional photographers to photography professors, I gave up my Sunday of sleeping in and went hunting all the way on Colonial Drive in Orlando with my sister and ended up falling in love with the Nikon D5100 or N3200. These cameras seem the perfect fit for all the necessities a journalist needs in order to be successful: audio input, compatible lenses, video and special effects all in one.

Contact ME:
This semester so far has been the most enjoyable one here at Seminole State. Please email me @ to have your letter to the editor submitted in the next page. Tell me what you thought about the articles in this issue and if you have any suggestions or extra comments. If there are any errors or comments you thought were not objective, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will have it discussed with the staff.

Sabira Mawji

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