Monday, March 25, 2013

Fourth Article Blog (boring title)

Well, here we are again me and my imaginary readership. At the closing of another story; the next to last one, to be precise. If everything goes to plan, I will be covering the carnival tomorrow in person, then writing my story, submitting it, and so on.

In retrospect, everything feels too simple. I worry that I may have missed something from this course.

The format for which I have gathered information and processed said information into coherent stories has always been to take events that seemed somewhat interesting and timely from the school calender, then attend said events. Afterwards I process my pages of notes (which have grown huge overtime) into an article. Said article is edited a few times, then I bring it to class where it is edited one last time by Ms. Sheppard.

This week, I played everything to the format with one complication; I have been sick for about a week. I am here now, restless, weary and gruff as I clack and clack my way towards a decent blog post worthy of being called filler. When you weigh in the fact that the event I covered this week (a seminar on immigration) easily the least interesting yet, you can imagine myself abound with suffering and angst.

So why the hell would I choose a boring event? Well, it all comes down to the limitations of the format; namely, that I do whatever Seminole State will even let me do. When I have a dread week like last week featuring only that event and sports, my hand is pretty much forced.

It's not all so bad though. I got more note-taking practice again; I took 12 pages of notes on the spot. Plus I learned more about residency, naturalization and the whole immigration process then I ever would've learned otherwise, which counts for something. I guess.

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