Monday, March 18, 2013

Third Time's a Cliche

Apologies for the late blog post but better late than never.

My third post should mostly be marked by two things: the discovery that my second story was worth nothing and that I would need to take a double to alleviate the 0 I had received.

When I first heard that I would be getting nothing for my story, I felt somewhat upset. Perhaps I could've certainly done better with Eurydice as a story, but it was a late play and I had interviewed the director; I wasn't expecting a 0. Regardless, when I heard that I could make up the 0 by doing double I knew what I had to do.

Covering two stories at the same time was not as challenging as I would have expected. This was mostly due to the level of space in between them. One was on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. This gave me two days between them.

What's curious is that I used that time for nothing notable. Instead, I wrote both the stories on Sunday. I did this not because of last-minute laziness but because writing is easier when you are already attuned to write; once the first story was completed, the second followed shortly after.

I was commended for my efforts that week, having been told that I "really stepped it up" which is a great thing to hear. I'm doing two again this next week as I have another assignment to make up for our canceled Spring Break issue. To any reading this, what you should take away from this post is that you even when extra credit doesn't present itself, you should go big. You get twice the opportunity for exploration and improvement.

~ Bryan Hohns,
Copy Editor (in name only?)

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