Monday, March 4, 2013

Third Article Down. Next Article, Here I Come!

My third article was on Splitsville Luxury Lanes, a new and modern bowling alley located in Downtown Disney. 

I had heard about Splitsville through the radio and didn't know too much about it at first, but I figured that being located on Disney property that it must be awesome. 

I went to the facility on a Wednesday to just interview the manager and a few patrons, but I ended up staying for about four hours! I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had.

Best. Assignment. Ever! 

I had a tricky time starting my paper at first, but once I got home from Splitsville that night, I couldn't put my pen down! 

One thing I loved about the place was the decor. It looked as if you had just walked into a 60's movie scene. 

I met some great people at Splitsville and the employees/managers were extremely helpful and genuinely happy to work there, which made writing this article a breeze! I left that night with 5 pages of quotes from everyone I talked to. 

Fingers crossed that my next article will be as much fun as I had this time around! :)

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