Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3 strikes & i was almost out

They say three is a charm but baseball says 3strikes your out lol. Story number three i must say i almost struck out. Your probable wondering how? I was a day away from not having a story written or even have a clue of what i was going to write about. Didnt put alot of time into my story but because i was blessed with the skill to write i think i pulled it off well. Im glad i had so much help from Ms.Sheppard & Sabira who actually gave me the idea on what i should write about in such short notice. Jail breaking of phones who would have thought that was legal? I must admit i learned a lot from what i wrote about & was pretty impressed with the information i received on jail breaking of iphones. Im definetly making sure i get a head start on article four just in case i dont come out so lucky.

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