Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3rd Story(Kyrie Irving)

My 3rd story was about Kyrie Irving, one of the youngest players in the NBA. Recently he's been playing far beyond his young age of 20 and I definitely took notice. It was fun to write about him for a few reasons:

First, he was the number one high school player in the country when I graduated in 2010. It's a mix of awesome and sort of depressing to think of what he's doing in the NBA right now even though he's a few months younger than me.

Second, he plays for my personal favorite NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team has had a rough couple of years since Lebron James left for Miami and Irving has instilled hope in the future of the team.

It was also fun to see what other people thought of what Irving is doing. I interviewed three people, all basketball fans, some closer to the game than others, and everyone was generally under the same line of thinking when it came to Irving. That thinking was that this guy is doing something insane for a 20 year old.

Hopefully he'll continue to be great so maybe I can write about him again in the future because I definitely enjoyed it.

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