Monday, April 15, 2013

Horror and history for the final article!

And the last article is done! Is the final stretch on this semester and for the last article I wanted something fun, and sort of easy to write since statistics class was stealing all my free time. I wanted to write about something that I enjoy, something that people are going crazy for. I didn't have to think long... zombies!!! I'm a fan of zombie movies and thanks to 'The Walking Dead,' and many documentaries I've seen, this was the perfect article to end the semester with. But I didn't want to talk only about the show or movies, I wanted to get deeper into what exactly is a zombie, where they're from and what makes us like these horrific creatures so much. I found a great documentary from the History Channel and a very interesting book by Jeffrey A. Kottler called 'The Lust for Blood,' which gives an idea as to why we like horror so much.

Starting the article was not as hard this time, it was how to organize it that gave me headaches since I had so much information from different sources. The quotes were easy since everyone knows about zombies thanks to 'The Walking Dead.' I talked to a girl while we were in line at 'The Mummy' ride in Universal. I talked to high school students and my sister's friends. It was entertaining to see how many people like the show and/or Zombies in general. Their faces light up as soon as I say the word 'zombie.'

Thanks to George Romero's films and other movies, I thought I knew a lot about zombies...I was wrong. While researching, I found out a whole lot of other things I didn't know, like for example,zombies first appeared in one of the oldest works of literature, “The epic of Gilgamesh;" that's like thousands of years old!

All in all, I think I wrote a variety of articles this semester, some serious, some interesting and some, like this one, fun. At the end, after all the rewriting and editing I had to do on this article, I think it came out great; informative but entertaining...two words that can also describe my thoughts on this semester at Seminole State College.

Sorangel Santiago

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