Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I learned

If there's one thing I learned it's that "final draft due Tuesday" does NOT mean what it says. It actually means turn it in 600 times to be edited BEFORE Tuesday. Kind of had to clarify that the hard way. I also learned that I'm actually good at doing interviews. I even did a full interview with no recording because he didn't like being recorded. I thought I'd be nervous but there's this zone you get into and it's like having a normal conversation.
Also- I never realized how many mistakes I have in my paper until Ms Sheppard and/or the editor (Melissa) edit my paper. If it wasn't their job to be picky to make the Scribe perfect I'd probably cry from how much constructive criticism and editing I got.
But all in all, it's to make is better reporters and I appreciate it 100%
The final thing I learned.... even though we haven't worked on it much, I'm not sure I'm really good at design.

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