Monday, October 7, 2013

Christina Fleming What I Learned edition 2

When writing the feature story over Mrs. Weldon I learned a new way of writing. When I was writing the story it was originally coming off as a biography instead of an actual feature stroy. Then, I went back through and listened to the interview I had with Mrs. Weldon and I had to pick out all the important things I thought people would truly find interesting. Another thing I learned was how true it is that the more people you interview the better your credibility is. When writing the feature story I kept hearing the same things about Mrs. Weldon from each person I spoke to about her and it made me more confident in what I was writing.
I also learned that you cannot rely on anyone else to be a source for your work because people do forget, backout and change their minds. I had a situation where I was supposed to interview someone several times and each time that person did not show up.
Thus, I cannot wait to write another feautre story in the future, and I will use what I learned from this one to make it better!
--Christina Fleming

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