Monday, October 7, 2013

Continuing to learn- Eric Anderson

With my first article going to print I wanted to follow up on my experience and what I have learned. I could have never imagined the time consuming process that goes into an article.  Most of us take for granted the amount of steps that go into getting one article printed let alone those who on a regular basis work multiple stories.  When I first came up with a story idea I thought this is not going to be very hard. Ha, needless to say it is a lot more difficult than most people will anticipate. As said in many of the blogs short and to the point is the idea. Writers tend to throw in a lot of fluff words, a lot of expensive words and we tend to use words that we would use when writing a novel or short story. Writing an article is much different and at the end of the article that was very evident.
The design was somewhat more challenging.  InDesign editing software is another beast in itself. If a person is not familiar with the software like myself, than there is a lot of catching up to do. The software is amazing; however for me it was a whole new experience. Fortunately I had a lot of help in the class and hope that in the future I will have a better understanding of all of its unique features.

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