Monday, October 7, 2013

What I learned

There has been many things I've learned that I didn't expect to learn in this course. The smallest of details are the most important. The setting, the way the source looks, just the whole environment of the situation can really make the story come alive without the readers physically being there. Also leaving your personal information with the sources you interview is vital! In case they have to get in contact with you or vice versa, communication is key to a successful interview with someone. Another thing is that it is very difficult to write the same time that your source is talking. You don't want an awkward pause in between asking questions but you can't continue until you've written the quote you need. Also it may seem easy writing an article considering you've read them since young, but once you write it, there are so many rules and formulas to write a great article that really captures the audiences attention. Interviews aren't as scary as I imagined, they are actually really fun, it's just the writing down what the source has said that is the scary part. Thankfully, I haven't encountered a bad interview yet, but I'm sure once that comes about there will be more things to learn from that situation and interviews to follow.
-Tiffany Rosario

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