Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Learning is accepting personal failures

Issue no. 2 reflections

By Melissa B. Merkler

Hi Friends,

My only intention when I signed up for this class was to have fun and write a few articles for the college newspaper. It was something to put on my resume. Little did I know that one class could drastically change my life. I am now questioning my educational future and considering changing my degree from psychology to English.

On a less dramatic scale, I called Alaska for the first time. (haha) I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard the voice on the other end. Granted it was only a voicemail, for some reason I think I was expecting some strange accent. However, my roundabout source just sounded like a regular guy.

InDesign is becoming easier to maneuver. I also downloaded Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop which I plan to learn to use and incorporate into my art and photography. I'm dreading when my free trial ends because the cloud service is $30 a month. But at least it's tax deductible.

I have learned patience is a key ingredient to publishing a college newspaper. In addition, communication, trust, respect and timeliness are extremely important attributes that lend to being a successful journalist and person in general.

Lastly, I am learning how to break old habits such as using too many comma's and "that's." And "said" is the most effective way of writing a person's quote even though it's so boring.

In closing I have learned that people will do what they want to do regardless of scholarly advice and friendly suggestions. In my opinion a closed-minded person will not go far in this world. No one is perfect (except Jesus) and everyone can always improve themselves. Learning means accepting your failures and faults and not repeating them.

Until next time,

Melissa B. Merkler

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