Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About Taryn

Hi; I'm Taryn Rose Martin.  I'm twenty-three years old (yes, really).  I love literature, chai tea lattes, and animals--particularly my border collie blue heeler mix Tuffi.  I also have a personal style and beauty blog that no one reads.

While most of my classmates seem assured that they're going into journalism, I'd be lying if I told you I'm sure about, well, anything.  I'm not a journalism major.  I actually completed my "general" A.A. this summer but missed the deadline to transfer to UCF this fall, so I'm taking this class as a "non-degree seeking transient student" in order to keep my brain from falling out of my ears from lack of use during an unintentional semester off.
I do, however, have a curious mind and a love for writing, so this journalism thing might end up making sense for me after all.  I suppose my absolute dream job would be as editor in chief of a fashion magazine.

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