Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sabira Juma Was Here

About "me's" are so cliche. 

Yea I could go ahead and tell you I was born in Houston but lived here in Florida for most of my life. And go on to bore you about where I go to school (Seminole State College), my major, (communications), what I like to do in my spare time (scribble words all over my paper) and go even into more detail of my personal life (like how I just got married and striving to balance my whole new life that encompasses a spiderweb type map with no directions, is the greatest challenge of my life). 

But I'll rather not tell you

How I draw the mental picture to be either a famous newspaper editor one day or to even have my own column. But it ll starts with one step at a time. 

Therfore the only thing left I don't want to tell you

How I plan on taking everything I learn in this class with me to help me take those further steps to reaching my dream.

But no really, 

Writing is one of my passions and I am very excited to join the Seminole Scribe and working along with my classmates. I have no doubt that "The Scribe" will be very irresistible this semester and everyone will be talking about each issue, story, article, and picture. Looking forward to a great semester at The Scribe. 

-Sabira Juma (Mawji)

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