Thursday, October 31, 2013

Greetings from Haiti!: Day 4 - Carissa May

This morning was a longer drive to the orphanage because we had to run a few errands. Thankfully our driver, who is Haitian, is a very skilled driver. I don't mind the bumpy roads at all, but the other members of the team are in pain from the rides back in forth. Despite going over all the bumpy roads at a fast speed, our driver is very skilled. He's a crazy driver, which is a good thing in Haiti. You have to be a crazy driver in order to keep up with all the other crazy Haitian drivers. But I have to say our driver has never put us in any danger, so he's very skilled.

This morning we distributed the rice, beans, and spaghetti that we bagged, along with bottles of cooking oil, to the people of the village outside the orphanage. We had to be careful because some of them would get greedy and try sneak in to get extra. We couldn't let them do that because we only had so much food we could give.

All morning long the Haitian ladies who work at the orphanage cooked a hot meal for the elderly people of the village. In the afternoon my pastor gave a short sermon to them and then we gave the elderly men and women their hot meal, something they have not had in a while. I can't wait until tomorrow when we get to give a hot meal to the children of the village. They haven't had a hot meal in a while either.

Thankfully we had enough time to play with the kids of the orphanage again. They are so adorable! As soon as they got home from school they greeted us with more hugs and kisses. They love it when I take photos of them and they especially love it when I show them their pictures on my camera screen. They'll crowd around me as i'm scrolling through the pictures and they'll point and shout each other's names at every face they see. I love them so much!

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