Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I learned -- Christina Fleming

When thinking back to the third article I wrote for The Seminole Scribe this semester I realize how far I have come from the first article. I feel as if I have been able to study AP style which allowed my writing to turn out clean and organized. I like that I was able to catch my own mistakes, but I also enjoyed reading over my fellow classmates articles as well. I believe this allowed me to expose myself to different rules from the AP style book that I would not have necessarily needed in writing my own piece. I also learned that being a journalist is not a part-time job ever. Being a journalist is going to require someone who is willing to completely drop what they are doing to go interview someone at any given point in time, and someone who is always looking out for another story. Journalism is not simply getting a story and writing an article--in fact, it is so much more than that. Being a journalist is going to be a lifestyle. If someone really wants to commit their education to being a journalism major they need to be prepared to commit a large their life to journalism as a whole.

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